This is our signature revolutionary method of building on the connection between women, to help you grow and heal, and discover your inner Bad Ass!


At Empowered Connections, we've spent the last 8 years providing specialized mental health therapy to thousands of women and have discovered along the way that most of us don't need traditional therapy but rather a directive, empowered method of healing.

Our Method

Based on this growing need of empowered support and years of research, we have developed a coaching program designed specially for the high achieving, high functioning woman that is feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, and is juggling multiple roles.


The woman who wants to increase their self-esteem, grow their resilience, get clear on who they are as humans and finally leave all the shit behind, that no longer serves them.


Are you struggling with boundaries?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns in all your relationships?


Our program is designed to figure out WHERE that comes from, WHY and HOW to change it. No need to relive painful memories or experiences like we do in the traditional therapy room.


Boom! So empowering!

Who are our coaches?

We are a special group of hand-picked sparkly, rock star, kick ass women who are trained mental health professionals. 


We have been where you are, that understand what you're going through and are ready to work through our step-by-step program tweaked JUST FOR YOU that will move you faster towards your goals and out of your head.


We cater our program to each client individually based on their learning style and motivation to change and grow, using our tried and true framework.


Our programs typically last 3 to 6 months with weekly sessions, which is significantly faster than traditional psychotherapy and is collaborative between you and your Coach. Not only will you have a personal coach assigned to you that you meet with each week but you will have free access to our Private Facebook group of like-minded women who are also struggling and yearning for more connection. Each week in our group we will have quick tip videos and other freebies that will only help you get to where you're going, faster. 

Stay tuned...

Empowered Connections Coaching really is revolutionary and we're excited to show you how effective this can be in your life!


More details coming soon.

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This guide provides you'll with everything you need to experience the practice of journaling. Follow our easy-to-follow tips that will help you get started with journaling and incorporate the habit into your daily routine. Then, use the four week daily journaling exercises and prompts.

They will help you:


- Incorporate mindfulness into your day.

- Make gratitude a habit

- Obtain clarity through journaling

- Set actionable goals. 


You'll also receive monthly guidance, support + news about how we can help you through Empowered Connections coaching!

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